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Abdos Twisty Tube Rack, Polypropylene (PP) Blue and Purple, 1/EA

Abdos Life Sciences

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Abdos Twisty Tube Rack, Polypropylene (PP) Blue and Purple, 1/EA

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These Twisty Tube racks made of Polypropylene (PP) make dilution and concentration study easier as it can transfer samples between 0.2ml PCR tubes to 0.5, 1.5, and 2.0ml tubes. It can be rotated and customized according to the end-user application. These racks have tapered wells that securely suspend tubes and make removal easy. With molded indexing for easy retrieval of tubes, these racks can withstand a temperature range of - 80¡C to 121¡C. Blue section holds 48 (0.5ml) tubes and the reverse side holds 48 (1.5ml) tubes, whereas the purple section holds 96 (0.2ml) tubes and 48 (1.5ml) tubes on the other side.


Material: PP
Color: Blue/Purple
Min. Temp.: -80°C
Max. Temp.: 121°C
Sterilization by Radiation: No
Material Transparency: Opaque
Autoclavable: Yes
Batch Certificate Included: Yes
Complies with: ISO 11137
ISO Standard: 9001, 13485, 14001
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Animal-Free: Yes


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