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Gotta Trap em all

HPLC HPLC Waste Laboratory Safety Solvent Waste Vapor

Did you know the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from analytical machines such as HPLC can be harmful to your health when inhaled for a period of time? Fortunately, you can trap those VOCs using our Chemical Exhaust Filters.

When used with Foxx Life Sciences EZwaste® Solvent Waste System, our activated carbon filters can trap the volatile organic compounds from being released into the air. This prevents chemicals from being inhaled by lab workers and provides an easy mechanism of disposal for vapor wastes. Our chemical exhaust filters come in three different sizes; regular for normal applications and large & extra-large for applications that require frequent filter changes.

Click here to learn more about the EZwaste® Solvent Waste System.

Click here to see the available chemical exhaust filters.

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