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Aerosol Can & Other Disposal Systems

LabSafetyShop.com presents the Aerosolv® System which expertly recycles aerosol cans, puncturing unit, filter, wire, and goggles.

The Aerosolv® System complies with EPA requirements and features a puncturing unit with plastic sleeve, color changing coalescing/carbon filter cartridge, anti-static wire, counter, and goggles to enhance safety.

Build quality is high on the Aerosolv® System which is made of low maintenance aircraft aluminum which threads into a standard 2 inch bung on a 30 gallon barrel. 

You will be happy to know that Aerosolv® System moving parts are made of high quality 308 stainless steel and in the end can be recycled as scrap steel. 

According to the manufacturer the contents of 4000 spent aerosols may be collected in just one 55 gallon drum.

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