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Turn your spent aerosol cans into recyclable steel

Aerosol Cans Aerosolv® System Can Recycling Chemicals Hazardous waste

If you use a lot of aerosol cans and are looking for an easier, cheaper and greener way to dispose of them, check out our Aerosolv® System for recycling aerosol cans! This system can turn those spent aerosol cans to recyclable steel. How it works: The puncturing unit relieves pressure and empties the spent aerosol cans. The filter removes liquids and adsorbs odors The Cans can then be recycled as scrap metals The Aerosolv® System for recycling aerosol cans: Accepts series 200, 300, and 6 oz. cans (Max. height of 8.5”) Can collect over 4000 spent aerosol cans in just one...

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EZgrip™ Carboys

Need Carboys? Why not check out our carboys from Foxx Life Sciences? Our EZgrip™ Carboy is an advanced fluid handling system developed with the end-user in mind. The ergonomically designed EZgrip™ body, coupled with our VersaCap® technology provides the user with an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean carboy. The EZgrip™ HDPE Carboy is made from a translucent USP Class VI, FDA Grade resin, with excellent chemical resistance, making it ideal for most buffers and reagents as well as powders and solids. Our carboys are available in 2.5L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 40L, 75L in HDPE.  What makes our carboys different from others?  They feature: Novel...

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Secondary Container

Do you store chemicals or chemical wastes inside a container. If yes, in most cases, you are required to store the containers inside a secondary container to prevent spillage or leakage. The secondary container must have the ability to hold at least 115% of the container's content.  SolventWaste.com is pleased to provide you with a solution. Our Secondary Container is a perfect solution for preventing leakage and spillage from carboys and containers. These containers are built to be tough and durable. Our Secondary Containers have the ability to hold at least 115% of the container’s content. Our secondary containers are:...

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Solventwaste.com is please to introduce our newest product line: OdorEroder®. OdorEroder® effectively neutralizes a wide range of offensive chemical odors and fumes in the lab, everything from Aldehydes to Xylenes.These non-toxic, environmentally safe purple beads are placed where odor-causing chemicals in the air pass near the beads. When this occurs, the purple beads adsorb and chemically transform the odor-causing chemicals into harmless compounds that remain trapped within the beads. As the purple beads adsorb, they start turning brown. When the majority of the beads have turned brown, it is time to replace the OdorEroder®. The OdorEroder is effective the in...

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Sample Filtrations

Solventwaste.com is pleased to offer Foxx's EZflow® Syringe Filters.  Our Syringe Filters are designed for aqueous and organic solution samples. The sample prep syringe filters are used for clarification and particle removal from samples before instrumental analysis such as HPLC, IC, and GC. Our Syringe Filters are:  Available in 0.2µm or 0.45µm pore sizes Comply with USP Class VI standards Reinforced with polypropylene housing with a female Luer-lok inlet and a male Luer slip outlet Click here to see all of our available syringe filters. For any questions, feel free to contact us at 603-490-0079 or at sales@solventwaste.com. 

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