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Top 10 Lab Safety Mistakes Made

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Lab Safety is our top priority at LabSafetyShop.com but we do realize that no one is perfect and that mistakes can be made.

The most important thing is to learn from your mistakes and practice lab safety and have it on your mind 24/7.

Here are some of the top mistakes made in a lab and that is definite "no-no's" and solutions for each of them. Feel free to leave a comment below on a lab mistake or suggestion.  

1. Not Following Instructions 

Always read and re-read instructions to make sure you know about the experiment and so you can follow lab safety. 

2. Not Knowing the Location of Safety Equipment

Before starting your lab experiment find the location of your safety equipment and make note of how to use it correctly. If you have questions ask your supervisor. 

3. Dressing Inappropriate for the Lab

 Always Dress appropriately in the lab with appropriate PPE, gloves, and clothing. You don't want to subject yourself or your skin or eyes to your experiments. Dressing appropraitely is a very important step for A+ lab safety.

4. Eating or Drinking While Working in the Lab

Save your eating or drinking for lunch or break time. These items do not belong in the lab. Sorry no Yeti's allowed.

5. Tasting or Sniffing Chemicals

Never taste or sniff anything in your lab experiment.  Sounds self explanatory but I am guessing it has been done before. 

6. Not Acting Responsibly 

Always act responsibly in the lab and take action immediately if an accident happens. The lab is no time to be a mad scientist and know beforehand what can and shouldn't be mixed. If you have reservations about doing something don't do it. 

7. Not Disposing of Lab Waste Properly 

Disposing of lab waste in a regular container is dangerous and bad for the environment. Setup and clean up your experiment accordingly so that there is not a mess for the next person in the lab. 

8. Not Reporting Lab Accidents

You must report lab accidents to your supervisor. Most importantly practice lab safety and be mindful and in the moment while in the lab to prevent accidents. 

9.You Take Part of Your Lab Experiment Home

Lab chemicals and lab products belong in the you guessed it:  lab. That cute little mouse named Mickey? He needs to stay in the lab. 

10. You Experiment on Your Self in the Lab

You and your labmates are not Frankenstein. Never experiement ony yourself. Follow the lab protocals and assigments and practice lab safety daily. 



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