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Our Story

Our goal is to create a safer laboratory environment by offering a wide variety of low cost high value safety products. Human health is our primary focus and promoting maximum safety standards is our mission.
We help Universities, Biotech, Government, Industrial, Pharmaceutical and Research companies reduce their waste emissions into the air and water, employees exposure to harmful fumes and reduce risk of smoke and fire.
Located in the USA, LabSafetyShop.com 
is the world leader in the distribution of safety products. With over 45,000 sq/ft, we sell a wide variety of innovative products from the top safety brands including Justrite, Foxx Life Sciences, CPLabSafety and many more. 

In addition to providing a safer work environment, we offer a variety of products relating to solvent management such as sample filtration, tubing and tubing adapters. Our dedicated technical team is working hard everyday to add new safety products.