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Turn your spent aerosol cans into recyclable steel

Aerosol Cans Aerosolv® System Can Recycling Chemicals Hazardous waste

If you use a lot of aerosol cans and are looking for an easier, cheaper and greener way to dispose of them, check out our Aerosolv® System for recycling aerosol cans! This system can turn those spent aerosol cans to recyclable steel. How it works: The puncturing unit relieves pressure and empties the spent aerosol cans. The filter removes liquids and adsorbs odors The Cans can then be recycled as scrap metals The Aerosolv® System for recycling aerosol cans: Accepts series 200, 300, and 6 oz. cans (Max. height of 8.5”) Can collect over 4000 spent aerosol cans in just one...

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