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Safety Cans

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Do you work in a laboratory or any similar environment that uses solvents, gasoline, chemicals, or other hazardous liquids? If yes, you probably know that they are highly flammable and combustible. So are you using proper equipment to protect yourself and your workplace?

Here at Solventwaste.com, we offer a variety of safety cans to make sure you’re protected.

Why use our safety cans:

  • They comply with OSHA and NFPA regulations
  • They are approved by FM, TUV, UL, and ULC
  • They improve efficiency, our safety cans are engineered with features that enhance pouring and filling operations
  • They contain hazardous liquids and vapors to reduce the risk of fire and protect workers

Click here to see our Safety Cans Datasheet

Click here to see the different types of Safety Cans available.

Need help deciding which Safety Cans to use? Check out our blog next week!!

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