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45mm SECUREgrasp® cap, Blue, PP - SolventWaste.com

Foxx Life Sciences

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45mm SECUREgrasp® cap, Blue, PP

$1.91 $ 2.48

The patented 45mm SECUREgrasp® bottle cap enables easy handling of the bottle and provides a convenient gripping surface while transporting the bottle. The innovative cap also allows for easy uncapping, tightening, and bottle stacking, and provides a large surface for bottle labeling.

  • Patented cap SECUREgrasp® with flat surface for convenient stacking and labeling
  • Provides convenient gripping surface
  • GL45 thread
  • Comes in 4 convenient colors (White, Green, Blue, and Yellow)

  • Cap Size:: 45mm
  • Cap Material: Polypropylene

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