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Borosil® Beakers - Griffin - Low Form with Spout. 150mL - CS/40 - SolventWaste.com


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Borosil® Beakers - Griffin - Low Form with Spout. 150mL - CS/40

$134.92 $ 174.60

Borosil® Beakers, Griffin, Low Form with Spout. 150mL, CS/40

Beakers are mainly used as heating vessels. The design of the Beaker is ideal for heating in a liquid bath, especially when the contents need to be separated from surrounding mediums or materials. These Beakers comply with IS 2619/ ISO 3819 and DIN 12331 and have a high resistance to chemical attack. The spout design allows for clean and precise pouring. The uniform wall thickness distribution is ideal for heating liquids while the large labeling and easy-to-read scale helps to make marking easier.


  • Material: 3.3 Borosilicate Glass
  • Color: Clear
  • Capacity: 150 mL
  • Graduation Color: Ceramic White
  • Class/ Quality Grade: Type I
  • Approx O.D. x Height: 60mm x 80mm
  • Quantity Per Case:40


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