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Abdos Serological Pipettes Sterile Polystyrene, 1ml, 500/CS

Abdos Life Sciences

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Abdos Serological Pipettes Sterile Polystyrene, 1ml, 500/CS

$180.56 $ 233.66

Abdos Graduated Serological Pipettes made of Sterile Polystyrene, (PS) come individually wrapped with a paper/plastic peel-pack. A unique color-coded plug allows for easy size identification.

• Certified nonpyrogenic and DNase, RNase-free
• Lot numbers printed on each pipette wrapper
• Accuracy within ±2% at full volume


Material: PS
Color: Natural
Min. Temp.: 20°C
Max. Temp.: 90°C
Sterilization by Radiation: Gamma
Material Transparency: Clear
Autoclavable: Yes
Batch Certificate Included: Yes
Complies with: ISO 11137
ISO Standard: 9001, 13485, 14001
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Animal-Free: Yes


    Serological Pipettes


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