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Jumbo Stacking Corrosive Cabinet - SolventWaste.com


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Jumbo Stacking Corrosive Cabinet


    • All cabinets are constructed of 1 inch exterior grade plywood
    • Finished with easily identified, chemical resistant paint
    • Individual cabinets may be placed under your work surface with a 32-1/4” clearance
    • Designed as a stand alone or stacked up to two units high
    • Cabinets have a liquid tight 2” trough to contain accidental spills
    • Cabinets have an all wooden door hinge to eliminate hinge deterioration
    • Cabinet is supplied with one fixed position shelf for safety
    • Isolation storage compartment available as an option (SC8071)
    • Approx. Capacity: 24 x 2.5 Liter
    • ColorBlue
    • Exterior Dimensions: 30"W X 32 1/2"H X 18 1/2"D

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