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Rectangular Carboy, 5 gal HDPE Samson Stacker - SolventWaste.com

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Rectangular Carboy, 5 gal HDPE Samson Stacker

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This HDPE 5 gallon carboy fits EF-4-SW and EF-8-SW. Graduated in gallons along the side, 70mm Closure, natural color. Dimensions: 10x15x10. This Jerrican/ pail features a 18 mm Secondary Vent Closure in the back and a 70mm buttress main closure with gasket. Made in the USA.


Primary Closure: SC70EPDMTE-3/4 High Density Polyethylene 70mm Tamper Evident Buttress Threaded Closure with 3/4 Reducer.
Gasket: Black EPDM 2.46" O.D. X 2.13" I.D. X 0.097"mm Thick
Finish Style: 70mm Buttress

Vent Access Closure:
Air Vent Threads: 18mm
Closure: Cap, PolySeal, C18/400 FRST Polypropylene, White.
Liner: Laminated PE Foam. Glued In

Jerrican: 5 Gallon, High Density Polyethylene
Finish Style: 70mm Buttress

Note: Substitution of any of the components listed above may render the UN certification invalid

Packaging Suitability

1. Packaging has been certified for Packaging Group II and III liquids with specific gravities not exceeding 1.8
2. The internal pressure test required for air shipment has been conducted
Test Level = 100 kPa (14.5 psi; refer to 173.24a(b)(4))

It is the shipper's responsibility to ensure that:
1. The packaging is authorized for the intended hazardous material.
2. The packaging is compatible with its lading, and
3. The packaging meets all general shipper requirements of 173.24 and 173.24 (a)

Packaging Assembly:
1. Once filled, the primary closure must be applied to the bottle using an application torque of 120 in-lbs (10 ft-lbs) using a torque wrench with force indicator.
2. Once filled, the packager must ensure that the vent access closure is hand tightened on the jerrican to preclude loss in shipment.
Note: Failure to follow the packaging assembly instructions listed above may render the UN certification invalid

UN Marking
3H1 / Y1.8 / 100 / **
USA / +AA2647

Marking Explanation
3H1 Packaging Identification Code 3H1, Jerrican, Plastic, Closed Head
Y Packaging has been certified at Packaging group II, Test Levels (Y) which covers Packing Group II & III liquid hazardous materials
1.8 Maximum product Specific Gravity 100 Denotes Internal Test Pressure of 100 kPa (refer to 173.24a(b)(4)) ** Insert 2 digit year the packaging was manufactured ("08" = 2008)
USA Country authorizing allocation of the marking
+AA2647 Packaging tested and certified by a DOT Third Party Certification Agency

  • Capcity: 5 gal (19L)
  • Material: HDPE

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