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Bench Top Solid Waste Container, 5 Liter with Lid - SolventWaste.com

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Bench Top Solid Waste Container, 5 Liter with Lid

$121.60 $ 159.57

Our Bench Top Solid Waste Container with lid is a convenient way to discard of contaminated solid wastes right where you work. Not carrying your contaminated items across a lab to a larger waste container means preventing cross contamination. The latching lid reduces solvent emissions from the waste inside, keeping the air you breathe safer and healthier.

Consider the Health and Safety of your Laboratory!
It is against the law to add chemically contaminated solid waste to the general trash in the laboratory.

Our Benchtop Solid Waste Container with detachable base and lid with gasket is an ideal containment system for contaminated solid wastes, preventing possible cross contamination of products.

The latching lid significantly reduces the emission of solvent-soaked solid waste back into the workspace. ideal if you routinely handle radioisotopes, beta-emitters, wet silica gel, contaminated gloves, kimwipes, filter papers, wiping rags, pipets, pipet bulbs, and other disposables.

It has a small footprint and can easily sit in the corner of a fume hood or bench, and is made of chemically resistant HDPE with a detachable base.

Product Specifications (SWC-002):
Height (Lid Closed): 11 in.
Height (Lid Open): 21 in.
Footprint (with base): 13 x 13 in.
Footprint (without base): 7 x 7 in.
Capacity (approx.) 1.5G / 5L

Liners are sold separately, choose packs of 100 or 250, red or yellow poly bags.

Poly Liner Bags
Length 18 in / 45.72 cm
Width 14 in / 35.56 cm
Thickness .05 mm or 50 Microns
Weight 5.4 lbs/ 100 and 8.5 lbs/ 250

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