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Introducing Tygon Silicone Tubing

HPLC HPLC Waste Solvent Waste Tubing Tygon

Need tubing for your HPLC waste system or to just transfer fluid?

SolventWaste.com is pleased to introduce Tygon Silicone Tubing. The tubing was designed to have an ultra-smooth inner surface to reduce the risk of particle entrapment and microscopic build-up during fluid transfer. Our tubing has low extractable content to maintain the purity of the transport fluids in sensitive applications.

What makes our tubing better than the competitors’?

  • It complies with USP XXII Class VI criteria, FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600 and NSF 51 Standard.
  • Excellent Fluid Flow Characteristics
  • Documented Biocompatibility for sensitive applications
  • Minimum extractable to help maintain fluid integrity

Applications include, but not limited to medical devices, Chemistry and blood analyzers, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, and liquid chromatography.

Click here to see the available tubing.

Click here to visit the Saint-Gobain’s Site.

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