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Secondary Container

Do you store chemicals or chemical wastes inside a container. If yes, in most cases, you are required to store the containers inside a secondary container to prevent spillage or leakage. The secondary container must have the ability to hold at least 115% of the container's content. 

SolventWaste.com is pleased to provide you with a solution. Our Secondary Container is a perfect solution for preventing leakage and spillage from carboys and containers. These containers are built to be tough and durable. Our Secondary Containers have the ability to hold at least 115% of the container’s content.

Our secondary containers are:

  • Made from HDPE
  • Available in 14L, 34L, 73.4L, and 103.7L capacity
  • Available in Single Pack or Multi-Pack.

Solventwaste.com Secondary Container for 13.5L or 20L Carboys

Click here to see all the different sizes available. 

For questions/comments, feel free to contact us at 1-603-890-6825 or email us at sales@solventwaste.com. 

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