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News — Laboratory Safety

Safety & Storage Cabinets

Laboratory Safety Safety Cabinet

 Article Written by Isabella Granara Per the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the effects of hazardous waste can include cancer, birth defects, physiological/physical malfunctions, and behavioral abnormalities. And these are just the known effects of hazardous materials. When lab workers work with any materials like these every day, they should be able to store them safely and effectively for themselves and others around them. Safety and Storage Cabinets are extremely important in any laboratory and can protect lab workers from these hazardous materials. They can store materials such as combustibles, pesticides, flammables, corrosives, etc. They are also useful for organization,...

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Come see us at booth 673 at NSC

Chemicals HPLC HPLC Waste Laboratory Safety National Safety Council Solvent Waste

This year’s National Safety Council Congress & Expo will be held in Anaheim, CA from October 17th to the 19th. If you are attending, come find us at Booth 673 to see all of your favorite safety products and have any questions that you may have answered in person. See you there! If you have any questions/comments, contact us at 1-603-890-6825 or sales@solventwaste.com.

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Boston Square Bottles

Boston square Bottles Chemicals HPLC HPLC Waste Laboratory Safety Solvent Waste

Glass – it’s one of the best materials to make storage containers from. The only problem – they break when you drop them. If you’re sick of picking up broken glasses or don't want the bottles to break in the first place, check out our Boston Square bottles from Foxx Life Sciences. They’re made from FDA approved HDPE. All of the bottles are made in USP Class VI environment and they are BPA-Free. Bottle material and volume are molded into the side of the bottle for easy identification, along with the metric graduation marks certified to be accurate within ±5%. Our...

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Safety Cabinet Parts & Accessories

Combustible Flammable Laboratory Safety Safety Cabinet Solvent Waste

Misplaced your keys or just need additional shelves for your safety cabinet? Head over to the Safety Cabinet section of our store. You’re guaranteed to find most if not all the parts and accessories you need for your safety cabinets. At Solventwaste.com, we carry the following parts & accessories: Document storage boxes Replacement keys Cabinet Cover Cabinet Filters Cabinet carts Shelves and trays Leg frame risers Wall hanging kits Touch up paints Warning labels And many more Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us, our helpful staffs are always available to assist you. Click here to shop for your...

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Gotta Trap em all

HPLC HPLC Waste Laboratory Safety Solvent Waste Vapor

Did you know the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from analytical machines such as HPLC can be harmful to your health when inhaled for a period of time? Fortunately, you can trap those VOCs using our Chemical Exhaust Filters. When used with Foxx Life Sciences EZwaste® Solvent Waste System, our activated carbon filters can trap the volatile organic compounds from being released into the air. This prevents chemicals from being inhaled by lab workers and provides an easy mechanism of disposal for vapor wastes. Our chemical exhaust filters come in three different sizes; regular for normal applications and large & extra-large...

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