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Thread Barb HPLC Waste Line Adapters


ECO Funnels can be equipped with HPLC fittings, allowing the operator to connect HPLC waste lines directly to the funnel. Installation is free of charge. To order HPLC attached to your ECO Funnel(s), please add the desired funnels and fittings to your cart. We can install up to 6 HPLC fittings per 4" funnel and 8 fittings per 8" funnel. Measure the Inner Diameter (ID) of your tubing to determine the size of Thread Barb fitting that you need. The one-piece natural polypropylene adapters are suitable to use with more flexible tubing. All barb fittings have anti-rotation devices. These are small oval shaped raised areas which inhibit hose rotation on the barb and prevents possible leakage. The tubing connections range from 1/16" to 3/8"ID. The threaded end is connected to ECO Funnel™ and the tubing connects to the thread barb.

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Coming Soon!

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